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Ahrefs also makes it really easy to see backlinks that you’ve lost. You can connect popular SEO tools to LRT link builder software to get an even better and broader picture of your marketing data. Majestic also has a useful tool that shows information about where the link is placed in a page. For example, these tools can help identify authoritative websites in the same industry niche and target them for potential link building opportunities. See how sites are linking to you with the full anchor text data for every link, URL, and domain. The most crucial thing is to check whether the links you have found are relevant to the niche you are working on. For support or sales enquiries, reach out to. You can get started with a 7 day free trial.

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Some common features to consider include backlink analysis, link building opportunities, link removal, SEO metrics, and custom reports. The following people have contributed to this plugin. It is an all in one digital marketing tool that offers comprehensive backlink analysis features. The operation remains the same across the two, so we’ll go ahead with the single URL backlink monitoring for now. If you have other questions, just let me know. Many firms, both large and small, make use of it. The website offers thorough documentation for virtually every element of the SEO Panel application. In addition, the Broken Link Checker allows you to quickly find any broken outbound links on your site. A link has great value, because it can increase your rankings in Google’s organic search results – but also because it takes time, effort, and sometimes money to get them. I love Buzzsumo, but I have to admit that their support system is not so good.

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10 Best Backlink Monitoring Tools in 2023

But you can use this information to look for opportunities to generate backlinks from unlinked brand mentions. For in depth backlink analysis, though, you’ll need to upgrade to BuzzSumo Pro. “It allows SEO specialists to locate good backlinks that they don’t know about which can generate a lot of traffic. Once you input your backlinks into the tool, it automatically conducts daily analysis and verifies the presence of referring pages in Google’s index every five days. The following people have contributed to this plugin. We recommend Google Search Console GSC — also referred to as Webmaster Tools — for ongoing site and SEO monitoring.

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Search engines perceive these links as “votes” for your site, and the more quality backlinks you have, the higher your site is likely to rank in search results. SEMrush’s monthly price ranges from around $120 $450. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They also analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles to help you find more link building opportunities. While link building outreach remains your responsibility, Serpple ensures continuous monitoring of all your backlink websites and promptly notifies you of any changes in your backlinks. They are also called “inbound” or “incoming” links. It allows you to plan, create, and distribute content across multiple channels while providing data driven insights to measure your content’s performance. For webmasters and SEO professionals, free, powerful and efficient keyword tools that provide you with thorough keyword research and analysis. You can disavow multiple links also by uploading your list or by adding rules. You can however improve it even when you show limited results. Price: A Start Plan is $25. These tools also allow you to build millions of links with the press of a button. This includes information on the anchor text, target page, and the domain authority of the linking website.

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Using filters, you can see which websites are linking to your competitors but not to your own site. Phone support is not available. If you use sophisticated software, you’ll receive an alert if any become “lost”. Some of the common features across all these tools include rank tracking and backlink monitoring. CogntiveSEO will then show you a graph of all the new and lost links, plus a list detailing all the links below. Check which pages get into the search engine index, which do not. You can also use Ahrefs to examine internal links on your site. What about the backlink monitoring function. Instead, it connects organizations with individuals or agencies that can offer insights with their expertise. It allows you to filter backlinks by type, such as Dofollow, nofollow, redirect, educational, and much more. Sends alerts when someone mentions you online so you will know whom to write to turn brand mentions into links.


Sitechecker’s backlink tracker accomplishes both tasks. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. With LinkBox, you will be informed of any changes such as new links, lost links, or broken links. The interface of the platform is great and user friendly. You then have to take what you learn and apply it to your reporting and outreach. If a website has a link that leads visitors to your website, this can help you to get a higher ranking in SEO. Link Building Campaign Management: The platform provides a comprehensive platform for managing your link building campaigns. The keyword screens will show your keyword’s list of backlinks to help you better understand the work that was done to promote it. My Favorite feature: Email outreach feature. A backlink is when a webpage links to a different page or site. That being said, let’s take a look at the best tools to track backlinks of any website. For professionals who need to investigate extended backlink, page and domain information, a Site Explorer can deliver the required data. Hi jitendra,Very informative on all the software and product links products, but I don’t know why you would not include scrapebox in the tool box. Regularly reviewing the number of backlinks and their sources will help you detect spam attacks deliberate placement of links to your site on spam resources and identify potentially harmful links.


The Business and Enterprise/Agency packages are just £49 and £99 respectively. You can increase the traffic to your site and reach more users. One of the links display a total of 35, but I can only find 1. Detailed Raven Tools Review. Neglecting your backlink profile can result in toxic or low quality backlinks accumulating, which can harm your website’s authority, credibility, and search engine rankings. The platform integrates with Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Business Profile Insights and Twitter. 95 per month to $399. I love watching the excitement of a business owner growing their own website traffic and seeing that it can be easily done and isn’t magic.

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You should occasionally import data into this folder. Integration makes it easier for you to understand what’s going on with your website’s performance and where you need to focus your efforts. This information can be used to improve website content or target additional marketing efforts. After that, it’s priced from $99/month. Majestic also has a useful tool that shows information about where the link is placed in a page. It has an easy to navigate interface, accurate metrics, and a variety of data formats to help you get SEO insights and optimize your backlink strategy. So it’s smart to stay on top of the latest warnings and audit them all.

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All you have to do is manually add your backlinks to the tool or from Google Search Console. “I love the feature that lets you analyze the keyword and backlink gap with your competitors. Hereunder, I present some of the Best Backlink Reviewer Software to help you access your website’s incoming backlinks. Learn how to get featured in Harvard Magazine, earn high authority backlinks, and get hundreds of eyeballs on your content. It’ll let you check out the type of information that you can find about not only your own site’s Link Intelligence, but also the Link Intelligence of your competitor. An important thing you must do is always respond to those who leave questions. Finally, Semrush is a comprehensive online marketing and SEO software that offers many “SEO Toolkits,” so you can choose which features you want to access and pay for only what you require from the software. Open Link Profiler is a free and intuitive backlink analysis tool that is designed to help website owners.

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Note that this style of inline link doesn’t mention our brand. You can download it and use it whenever you require. If you’re new to SEO or just want to check your site’s backlinking performance or your competitor’s without spending a penny, you can take advantage of the free test out. A few years ago, they completely renovated their backlink database and overhauled their data gathering process. Knowing how you’re doing on Google is super important for any brand. Here is information on the number of campaigns in the project. It’s okay, we know that picking a new supplier can feel like a big deal. Identify all linking domains and check their SEO metrics. The reporting is very convenient and you can choose from a range of visualization options.

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Personalize your search. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. I put each backlink checker to the test. India’s electoral system, which produces genuine leaders, must be designed for the country’s long term growth. What patterns can you find in the links pointed to them. There is no question.

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Grow your traffic now. Nubera eBusiness uses its own and third party cookies. To help you further, our free backlink tool shows you some more relevant metrics including. The filter, “404 not found” help you find highly broken pages on a site that are most linked to. On the review page you have the backlink distribution:. You can customize the reports by filtering certain parts, or even make reports for individual sections. Google’s free digital marketing and SEO analysis tool. The backlink tool are one of the tools that I can recommend to others. You can however improve it even when you show limited results. Our reports are designed so that you can keep track of all important developments without even logging in. You came to the right place. Indeed, these checkers serve as the main guides in our techie journeys, enhancing our understanding of link profiles and SEO authority.

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Before you begin your backlink management quest, make sure you understand them. The platform’s automation tool can help you build prospect lists and automate outreach to these targets. It also has one of the largest keyword indexes we’ve found. If you monitor your backlink situation frequently, then you can take charge of how the members of the general public view you. Advanced features such as identifying and solving deadlinks, and tracking multiple domains at once. MajesticSEO also has a Majestic Topic filter that shows you the relevance of the topics of your backlinks. For the lost links, you will be informed about the reason for the loss, so you won’t need to guess why it happened. You can also view a ton of useful backlink related metrics to keep your strategy streamlined. Published in September 2023. If it was possible, you’d spend so much time and effort on it, it’s frightening. You can use it to find the backlinks pointing to your own site or to that of a competitor, including the number of referring domains and IPs. Here is information on the number of campaigns in the project. This feature lets you check. You can sign up for a free account first to try it out with daily credits.


This may influence which products or services we review also where and how those products appear on the site, this in no way affects our recommendations or the advice we offer. The plans range from $49. It reveals not only PR of the site and boarder on anchor text, but other parameters like PageRank, Alexa Rank, social metrics Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Pro is the plan for people who want everything, including tools and resources that make it easy to fine tune your rankings. Although this type of link may be less effective in improving your site’s rankings, it is still a vital part of an organic backlink profile. SE Ranking has one of the biggest backlink databases and provides accurate data on a site’s backlink profile, including the number of backlinks, referring domains, and the quality of the links. You’re offered a 7 day free trial to see if the UI and functionality of the backlink monitoring tool suit your needs. You can focus on increasing the quality of the content on your site.

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Using filters, you can see which websites are linking to your competitors but not to your own site. Like other backlink checker tools, LinkMiner also allows you to filter links by nofollow, deleted, new, and lost. Surely will try it and update in this list afer magic happens. Read our Semrush review. SEO SpyGlass is one of the four main toolkits that make up SEO PowerSuite—an all in one SEO software solution. Nobody’s perfect – that’s a fact and, so, as such, we’re going to shine our spotlight on the good bits and not so good bits of Monitor Backlinks. The platform analyzes your search performance continuously and creates a task list for you based on the changes in your SEO performance. SEO expert Matthew Barby shares his link reclamation process using Mention that complements your backlink strategy. Majestic SEO is popular because it provides expansive information about your backlinks in an easy to read format. As you discovered, there are many free backlink analysis tools you can use to audit a website without having to pay for a subscription. 31% of pages have no backlinks. Improve desktop and mobile usability. However, it is one of the industry leaders, so people usually listen to what this company says. Build SEO Power Pages For Your Site.


A TOOL backlink generator for ORGANIC TRAFFIC is the most crucial part of the world of SEO search engine optimization. LinkChecker offers a free trial. Hungry for intel on the competition’s secret sauce. It gives you a great view of your competitors’ top ranking anchor texts. It scans your URL and provides a list of backlinks and broken links for further analysis. Her site’s traffic skyrocketed, and as she stood atop the podium of SEO success, she knew – with Linkody in her pit crew, she was unstoppable. This is why I believe they are one of the most reliable sources of information regarding Se Ranking’s services and products. So, you get to examine information based on. It then becomes easier to track them and take necessary actions to increase the number of valuable links for your website or blog posts. Brand24 is a tool that monitors online mentions about your company. CognitiveSEO is a backlink checker tool that focuses on providing in depth backlink analysis. Csv’ file with 1,000 of the most recent backlinks.

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If you need tools for specialized link building, one of the platforms we’ve covered might be right for you. It can help you to better understand the value of each backlink and identify any potential problems. Visit the website, click the big sign up button and you should be good to go in a few seconds. But where BuzzSumo really stands out is when it comes to content discovery and planning. SE Ranking offers three basic plans: Optimum $ 39/month, Plus $ 89/month, and Enterprise $ 189/month. If you’re building links too fast, to the point that it’s unusual, Google can see this as a negative signal. Let’s discuss these benefits in more depth. The ratings are provided to help you make a choice among the tools you haven’t tried yet.